Aid for Friends

Aid For Friends At A Glance

·         The mission of Aid for Friends ( AFF) is to alleviate the hunger and loneliness of isolated homebound individuals. All of our services are provided free of charge.

·         AFF provides home-cooked meals and the gift of friendship to our clients in the five-county Philadelphia region.

·         Volunteer coordinators meet with each referred friend to determine needs, assess the overall situation, and assign a volunteer visitor

·         Our empathetic visitors spend time with each friend on a weekly basis as they deliver meals (frozen, home-cooked dinners, soups, breakfast bags and supplemental foods) and develop true friendships.

·         Meals are provided by individuals and through group cooking events organized by Boy and Girl Scout troops, schools, and other organizations.  Meals are then stored in freezers housed in churches, synagogues and community centers throughout the region and in AFF warehouse/outreach center in Northeast Philadelphia.


Trays, labels and soup containers can be obtained in the St. Denis Rectory garage.  It is open 24 hours.  You can pick up empty trays, drop off frozen meals, or breakfast bags.  Be sure to mark how many meals/soups you drop off using the green sing in sheet on the freezer door.