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Saint Denis Catholic Church is preparing to embark on a spiritual odyssey to celebrate its bicentennial. This momentous occasion calls for a pilgrimage that will lead parishioners on an 11-day journey through the sacred landscapes of France, from the mystical grottos of Lourdes to the charming town of Lisieux and the breathtaking Mont-Saint Michel.

Our pilgrimage to France is not merely a journey across physical landscapes but a spiritual quest that transcends time and space. As the parish celebrates its bicentennial, this pilgrimage becomes a testament to the enduring power of faith and the deep roots that connect a community across centuries. The sacred sites of Lourdes, Lisieux, and Mont-Saint Michel serve as waypoints on this profound journey, providing moments of reflection, renewal, and gratitude for the rich heritage of Saint Denis Catholic Church.

To learn more about this pilgrimage, please download the brochure below.